A Message from 1878

As the Armenian town of Kessab in Syria is under siege, its Armenian population has been completely evacuated, with many Armenians hiding in churches. CivilNet reports that the church is sending a delegation to Latakia to see what help the escapees need. Given the circumstances, I thought the passage below was appropriate. It was written in … Continue reading “A Message from 1878”

Ukraine and Other Social Movements: Where Are They Now?

Ukraine is on the brink of a civil war. The current Ukrainian movement is a continuation of a string of movements which actually started in Georgia and Ukraine about ten years ago. The current president, Viktor Yanukovych, was then the subject of protesters’ scorn. His election win was declared illegitimate, he was removed, and Viktor … Continue reading “Ukraine and Other Social Movements: Where Are They Now?”

Young Man Leaves Australia, Joins Armenian Armed Forces

There are stories that show the exceptional devotion to the Armenian homeland among a new generation of young Armenians who realize that the future of Armenia is their responsibility and is a matter of their individual contribution to the future of the nation. This is one of those stories. Tigran Petrosyan is a young man … Continue reading “Young Man Leaves Australia, Joins Armenian Armed Forces”

Updated: Armenia Admits More Syrian Refugees Than France, Italy, the UK, Spain, and Germany Combined

UPDATED: 13 December 2013, 21:30 According to numbers in a report by Amnesty International and an article in The Economist magazine, Armenia has taken in nearly as many Syrian refugees as the European Union and more than France, Italy, the UK, Spain, and Germany combined. The scathing Amnesty International report takes Europe to task for … Continue reading “Updated: Armenia Admits More Syrian Refugees Than France, Italy, the UK, Spain, and Germany Combined”

A Declaration of War

The end is nigh. All hope is lost. Vultures await our death. Armenia and the Diaspora are on the cusp of disappearance. At least that’s what you might think if you read any Armenian news or interact with Armenians in person or online. And the time has come for me to make a confession: I’ve … Continue reading “A Declaration of War”

Two Things I Love

The Armenia Tree Project and Sose and Allen’s Legacy Foundation have teamed up to plant a forest in memory of Sose and Allen in Armenia. Each “Like” on the Armenia Tree Project’s Facebook page plants 5 trees. It really doesn’t get easier than that. If you have already “Liked” it, please repost so that others may do so, … Continue reading “Two Things I Love”

Hetq Editor Calls Diasporans “Rascals with Fat Bellies”

Hrant Gadarigian, the English-language editor for Hetq, posted a note on Facebook earlier today that read, “The Armenian communities of the Diaspora are dominated by shopkeepers, pseudo-intellectuals, and clergymen. A miscellaneous crew of rascals with fat bellies and swollen egos.” The full text is in the image below. The post was subsequently deleted. Hey, good … Continue reading “Hetq Editor Calls Diasporans “Rascals with Fat Bellies””

Anti-Putin Protests: What’s The Point?

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, visited Armenia on December 2, 2013. His visit inspired a rancorous response in some circles. Below is a translation (mine) of a status posted on Facebook by Sedrak Mkrtchyan in response to a photograph of a nightgown hanging from a highway overpass. The nightgown symbolized the outrage over Russian treatment … Continue reading “Anti-Putin Protests: What’s The Point?”